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JEFFERSON, GA (August 1, 2014) " Gresham Motorsports Park today announced an addendum to the 2014 Pro Truck Division rules.

Beginning with the August 9 World Crown 300 Presented By Victory Junction, the
305 Chevrolet, 302 Ford and 318 Dodge built engines will be allowed to compete.

Here are the rules under which these engines will be allowed " These rules only apply to the built engines. Additional crate engine rules are posted on


Chevrolet - 305 CID, maximum overbore .067
Ford - 302 CID maximum overbore .067
Dodge - 318 CID maximum overbore .067

Engines must be factory production OEM cast iron cylinder blocks built for standard production only (no aluminum blocks). Casting numbers must be unaltered and legible. Absolutely no internal portions of the engine may be painted or coated. Block decks may be strengthened and/or deburred. Blocks may not be offset bored and must maintain OEM type bearings in the main journals.

Only OEM steel or cast crankshafts permitted. No aftermarket steel, lightened, knife edged or otherwise racing crankshafts permitted. OEM stroke must be maintained.


a. Chevrolet " 48 lbs. without timing chain gear
b. Ford " To Be Determined
c. Dodge " To Be Determined

OEM or OEM appearing after-market rods permitted. Rods may not be polished or otherwise altered. Piston pins may be fitted or floated. No aluminum rods permitted. Rod length: GM 5.70 inch, Ford 5.16 inch, Dodge 6.12 inch. I-Beam only.

Flat top or dished pistons permitted Wrist pin must remain in OEM position. Cast or forged pistons permitted. No coating, painting or otherwise alteration of pistons permitted. Minimum deck clearance is .000".

Maximum compression ratio of engine is limited to 10.5 to 1.


Holley 500 CFM model number 4412 two-barrel permitted. No alterations.

Body of carburetor - no polishing, grinding or drilling of holes permitted. No paint or any other types of coating other than from carburetor manufacturer are allowed inside or outside of carburetor.

Choke and choke horn may be removed, but all screw holes must be permanently sealed.

Booster size or shape must not be altered. Height must remain standard.

Venturi area must not be altered in any manner. Casting rings must not be removed.

Base plate must not be altered in shape or size.

Stock butterflies must be used and cannot be thinned or tapered. One idle hole may be drilled per butterfly. Screw ends may be cut even with shaft; screw heads must remain unaltered.

Throttle shafts must remain standard and cannot be thinned or cut in any manner. No silicone or epoxy allowed on throttle shafts.

Any attempt to pull outside air other than down through ventures is not permitted.

Throttle linkage must have at least two (2) return springs. Throttle Stop recommended.


Any manufacturer permitted. Maximum lift: Chevrolet .458", Ford .488, Dodge - .458". All measurements must be at the valve.


Only OEM or OEM-replacement lifters permitted. No solid lifters, no ceramic lifters, or altered lifters to perform as solid lifters permitted. No oversize lifters permitted. Anti-pump lifters are allowed.
Rocker Arms:

OEM rocker arms only permitted with OEM ratio: Chevrolet & Dodge maximum ratio 1.56, Ford maximum ratio 1.66.

Roller rocker arms permitted. No shaft type rocker arms permitted.

No offset rocker arms permitted.


Chevrolet must be GM stock cast iron 305 cylinder head

Dodge must be stock cast iron 318 head

Ford must be stock cast iron 302 head.

No aluminum or Vortec heads permitted, except L-30 type heads. Must retain original 2 valves per cylinder.


Chevrolet - intake maximum 1.84", exhaust maximum 1.5", Dodge - intake maximum 1.78", exhaust maximum 1.469", Ford - intake maximum 1.781", exhaust maximum 1.469". Ford & Dodge may use same size valves as Chevrolet.

11/32 minimum diameter valve stem, no neck-down valves permitted.

No special aftermarket valves or turned down valves permitted and valves may not be canted in heads.

Absolutely no altering, polishing, porting, matching of ports, or acid washing allowed in any manner.

Studs may be pinned. Screw in studs permitted.


Valve springs must retain stock diameter & height. Spring seats may not be enlarged or otherwise altered.

Maximum spring seat pressure limited as follows:

Chevrolet 115 lbs,

Ford 115 lbs,

Dodge 130 lbs.


Only the following intake manifolds permitted with no substitutions allowed:

Chevrolet Edelbrock #7101 or 7116

Ford Edelbrock #7121

Dodge Edelbrock #7176

Absolutely no altering, polishing, porting, matching of ports, or acid washing allowed in any manner. No laser treating or micro holes allowed. Plenum may not be altered and no devices are permitted inside runners or plenum.

Aftermarket type distributor modules or coils may be used but must mount in OEM distributor location.

Multi-spark discharge boxes are permitted.

General Motors crate engine part #88958602 must run MSD distributor with MSD ignition box.

Only one MSD box will be permitted and must be mounted on right side dash with chip facing passenger side window.

All wiring must be connected and sealed. All wires must be exposed and in plain view and easily traced by tech officials.


6200 rev limiter installed and working as designed/intended by the manufacturer.

Competitors will be responsible for proper rev limiter operation

Alternator permitted.


Steel racing oil pans permitted. NO ALUMINUM. Oil pan baffles permitted and recommended.
Crankshaft Height:

The crankshaft height is 13 12 inches measured from center of crankshaft to the ground at a frame height of 6 inches.


A World Crown 300 optional open practice for the GMP Pro Truck and Outlaw Late Model divisions " along with the Super Late Models " will be held on Thursday, August 7 from 5-8:30 p.m. The cost is $50 per hour per vehicle.

There will be no GMP Pro Truck or Outlaw Late Model optional testing on Friday, August 8.

Both the Thursday and Friday test sessions are open for free fan viewing from the Gresham Motorsports Park Trackside Parking area.

The green flag will fall on the Saturday, August 9 World Crown 300 Presented By Victory Junction with the opening of the GMP track gates at 8 a.m. Pit gates will open at 9:15 a.m. with World Crown 300 Super Late Model practice hitting the track from 12:15-2:45 p.m. to be followed by practice and qualifying in the Outlaw Late Model and Truck divisions.

Pit Passes for Saturday s 2014 World Crown 300 Presented By Victory Junction are $35.

Meanwhile, Trackside Parking will open at 1 p.m. while the GMP Main Grandstand will open at 4:30 p.m. ET.

For more information about Gresham Motorsports Park and the 31st-Annual World Crown 300 Presented By Victory Junction, please visit

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